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Want to know more about our services? This is the page that will provide you with the information that you desire. Read it and learn beforehand exactly what we can do for you. At E&M Drywall Seattle, we conduct our duties transparently, as we believe honesty is the only way to conduct a successful business. Over the years, we have earned the trust of many property owners in Seattle, WA and we are confident, that we can win yours as well.

Drywall Installer

Drywall Installer

We Are Offering

Drywall Inspection and Evaluation

Do you want to know the exact condition of your drywall? We are ready to examine it and tell you whether it is compromised or not. We will subject your sheetrock panels to a detailed inspection and evaluate it for you. Once we are done, we will provide you with a report and suggestions on how to remedy the discovered issues.

Drywall Repair

At E&M Drywall Seattle, we can repair all kinds of problems with your drywall. We can fix dents, holes, chips, flakes, air pockets, gaps, cracks, and more. We use quality materials to offer long-lasting solutions instead of short-term patches that won’t get the job done correctly.

Drywall Installation

We can install your drywall for you and give your walls a flawless finish that will make them easy to paint. Our employees will carefully set in and place each piece to prevent the formation of any of the aforementioned blemishes. Our prices are reasonable and budget-friendly.


Use our painting services in Seattle, WA and watch us apply an even and colorful coat of paint on your drywall. We use professional-grade paints and varied techniques to create modern and classical patterns that will enhance the interior design of your property and make it more appealing to your visitors.

(206) 965-9978 is the number that you should call now to book the service that you need us to provide you with. We are waiting for your call!