Ever Wondered How Drywall Is Made?

A Professional Drywall Construction Service Explains the Process of Making Drywall

A drywall contractor only uses drywall on the interior of a building. Drywall is made of gypsum. Gypsum is a mineral found in bedrock that resembles white sand, though impurities can make the beds appear pink, yellow or even gray. One of the most famous beds in the US is the White Sands National Monument based in New Mexico.

Despite being used to process drywall, there is water in gypsum. The water is in its crystalline form, which is why the molecules of gypsum are dry. These water molecules allow drywall to be nearly fire resistant, which is why drywall construction services favor this product. As drywall starts to get hot, the water crystals start to destabilize, beginning to vaporize as the water reaches boiling point. The evaporating crystals enable the drywall to keep cool, protecting anything behind it.

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